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Flora Finch’s experience includes:

-gaining certificates, diploma and degree in various areas including Music Performance, Basic Management, Coaching, Counselling Studies, Childcare and Education, Teaching, Teaching Assistance, First Aid, Paediatric First Aid, Administration, Health and Safety and Stress Management

-owned and managed a string session ensemble called ‘Strings on Track’ in her 20s in the West Midlands.

-several years in music theatre, opera, ballet, music industry, education, media, entertainment, social, community, business, teaching, facilitating, performing and coaching.

-Freelancing for Scottish Opera, The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, Sadler’s Wells, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Scottish Ballet Orchestra and Channel 4

-facilitation and co-design of ‘Music Story Rhymes’ with several Managers and Team at Tate South Lambeth Library. This project was provided to local nurseries and playgroups, including Wyvil Primary school, Vauxhall, London for approximately two and a half years.

-experience as co-author of ‘Be Connected, Stay Connected’ with Simon Edwards, that was praised by Sir John Ritblat, Chairman of Governors at the London Business School.

- Researcher and Assistant for various (including research of 10 'feel goood' songs) for a book by the award-winning author, Gladeana McMahon - who is also the GMTV and Channel 4 Stress Coach

-Assisted and supported various including coaches, teachers, the elderly, early years, children, mental health and executives in a range of sectors with Performance, Movement, Management, Development and Wellbeing. Also, supported artists from Classical to Rock with a high number gaining a 'distinction' in their grade examinations, winning awards/places to good schools, featured on film, TV, adverts and employment with artists and celebrities.

-assisted with the promotion of ‘The Beat Beneath My Feet’(with Luke Perry) for Scoop Films [2014]. 

Flora began writing songs further to listening to and being inspired by an eclectic range of musicians, bands, singers, writers and producers.  Some would later invite her to perform with them (i.e. The I Threes, Omar, Ziggy Marley, Sakomoto and The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra.) Also, Ed Shearmur (songwriter and composer) and Steve McLaughlin (Grammy-award winning producer) who she briefly stayed with in West London for several weeks.

This opportunity arose in part, thanks to the wonderful musician, composer and conductor, Michael Kamen (3x Grammy, 2x Ivor Novello, 1x Emmy and 2x Golden Globes winner etc.) who (regarding her career development), had previously advised Flora to also use her voice, as well as music. Michael also invited Flora to transcribe and perform violin on two Hollywood films he was composing for. 

She eventually realised her first song recordings thanks to former King and Some Velvet Morning band members and Daz Wood of Hush Studios, Coventry who very much inspired and supported her with developing her writing. 

The theme of Flora’s career began in music and for a hobby, talent scouting. Later, administration, financial record keeping, management and marketing thanks to her training and interest in business. When a teenager, Flora was invited by various to model her hair.

She later developed skills that enabled her to support others via wellbeing and welfare.  For example, early years, education, coaching, counselling studies, teaching, first aid, paediatric first aid, health and safety and stress management.

Flora writes songs, melodies and lyrics.  Also, verse, articles and stories that she occasionally narrates.  

WE ARE FUNDRAISING  for studio equipment, studio time and our music performance, writing and artist/talent development projects please !!!

Achieving this goal will enable us to support various via music, songs, lyrics and verse with development, management, education, creativity, performance, healing, motivation, SEND and mental health.

It is hoped that some of the songs will soon be available to purchase.

The few recordings available to listen to below (from the track, 'Star' to the track, 'Don't Be Shy'), include examples of Flora's narration, verse, poems, collaboration with students and clients, vocal production, talent development, artist development, and music performance coaching (before and after). Flora's former students featured include: (Matt King Smith-guitarist, Maurita-vocalist, Cherie D’Avino-vocalist, Ursula-vocalist and Will Joyce-Engineer). Please note, however, that you might need headphones to adequately hear some of the recordings i.e. Before and After recordings of Vocal Coaching support provided.

Flora Finch’s Training and Personal Development

Flora Finch has trained with/via/at:

-The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
-Anne Crowden - Founder of Crowden School of Music, Berkeley, USA
-Professor Stephen Palmer - Coaching, Counselling, Psychotherapy and Stress Management Expert
-Gladeana McMahon - Coaching Tutor and Channel 4 Stress Coach
-Patricia McMahon - Voice Teacher and Singing Coach
-Lore Lixenberg - Vocalist
-John Tunnell -
Founder and Leader of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra
-Jerre Gibson - New York City Opera violinist
-Gerry Hunt – Early Years Coaching, Goldsmiths Professor and Music Workshops
-Tina Corcoran – Counselling Studies via LC and CTA

Flora is qualified and insured in Teaching, Coaching (Executive, Personal Development, Performance, Cognitive Behaviour, Stress Management, Life Coaching and Management) and Counselling Studies (assistance only).

Flora specialises in Coaching, Training and Teaching via Music, Songs and Lyrics.  She is qualified in:

-Music Performance (degree)
-Management (diploma)
-Teaching (City and Guilds)
-Administration (City and Guilds - Level 3)
-Counselling Studies (Level 3)
-Paediatric First Aid (Level 3)

Flora is also a Safety Rep for the Musicians Union and Researcher. Her research looks at various areas including:

-Person-Centred and Cognitive-Behavioural coaching, assistance, training, teaching and development
-the importance of an eco-friendly and humanitarian lifestyle and diet
-importance of studying health and safety and first aid training from a very young age – and
-how poems, stories and verse alongside entertainment, music, singing, rhymes and lyrics support us with development, management and healing.  

Born in Coventry, West Midlands, UK, Flora has lived, studied and/or worked in Scotland, USA, The Caribbean and the UK – including London, where she currently lives.

Awards, Grants and Music Industry and Media Coverage (Flora Finch)

-Flora is a 4-time award winner (Musician and Assistant)

-Recipient of a bursary from Help Musicians via the British Association of Performing Arts in Medicine (BAPAM) and PPL

-Former Leader of the Coventry Youth Orchestra

-Freelance violinist with Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Scottish Ballet, Scottish Opera and Reggae Philharmonic Orchestras

-Worked as session musician for various studios and artists

-Worked as a freelance professional and transcriber for Channel 4 and Sadler’s Wells

-Finch, F [2016] ‘Lessons in Love’ [article] - published by multi-award-winning Hollywood actress, Kimberly Elise

More information is available on request or to read about via this website.
I am an advocate for wellbeing, health and safety and also a Musicians Union Roving Safety Rep. My interest in this area began further to:

- an invitation to attend training in Health and Safety via the Musicians Union
- training in Performance, Management, Counselling Studies and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (related to CBT) and Stress Management
- a suggestion (from two GPs) to collate research that supports my own wellbeing. A copy of this research is housed with other attached documents below.

The advice received and research conducted both confirm that:

a) having an allergy test is wise, as they identify what your sensitivites and allergies are. For example,  to cats, dogs, dust and Timothy Grass (which is related to Wheat, Rye etc).
b) an annual health check that includes a blood test once a year, is a great way to keep an eye on one's wellbeing. This is free on the National Health via one's GP.  The process includes being weighed, a blood pressure and pulse reading and blood test regarding one's vitamin, mineral and trace element status. Having said that, I am told that due to Covid there has been a shortage of test tubes and needles via the NHS.

To continue...

Before any services are agreed, a non-chargeable briefing or consultation (by phone or online) is available between myself and the client to ensure there is compatibility and clarity about the engagement.

To register for your 100% free, no obligation coaching consultation or briefing - please contact me via or 07803 081 763.


Thanks for your time and have a great day !

For the encouragement, support, assistance and wellbeing research/expertise I have received, alongside those mentioned on page 6 of this website, I should also like to say a big thank you to:

a) Amanda de Nobrega MSc BSc who believes that 'sauerkraut' and 'B vitamins' are great for replenishing the body with probiotics and folic acid etc... nb – Amanda has an MSc in Biological Analysis and BSc in Industrial Chemistry...

b) Juliet Haywood BA hons, MA, DNN, mBANT (Nutritional Therapist) – specialises in various areas of Wellbeing.. She sites inflammation as a cause of cancer - and that Lead, Mercury, Insomnia and Stress can cause inflammation.

c) Jacqui Ball

d) Jean Flynn

e) Ann Marie Finch

Images, Collaboration and Recordings (Songs, Meditation and Narration)

Flora Finch: Photos and YouTube Photo Slideshow

Wellbeing Research – Colds, Flu, Chest Infections, Pneumonia, Covid_19 and Tuberculosis
Wellbeing Research - Colds, Flu, Chest I[...]
Microsoft Word document [69.3 KB]
CV_Flora Finch
CV_Flora Finch_ 2023_Jan.doc
Microsoft Word document [70.5 KB]
Case Study: Music Story Rhymes
CaseStudy - Music Story Rhymes_August 20[...]
Microsoft Word document [52.8 KB]
Motivation via Meditation by Flora Finch_Copyright © 2022_All Rights Reserved_Music by Sappheiros' - Memories
Motivation via Meditation by Flora Finch[...]
aifc File [27.8 MB]
Verse etc. written and narrated by Flora Finch
Copyright © 2022 by Flora Finch
All Rights Reserved
Verse etc. by Flora Finch_Copyright © 20[...]
aifc File [75.2 MB]
Buddy - violin part composed and performed on violin by Flora
Copyright © 2022 – violin part composed by Flora Finch
Violin - arranged and performed by Flora Finch
All rights reserved
Buddy_violin part written and performed [...]
aifc File [21.6 MB]
Star - written and performed by Flora Finch
Copyright © 2022 – written by Flora Finch
All Rights Reserved

Engineer and Producer: Darren Wood
Recorded at Hush Studios, Coventry, UK
03 Star.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [3.7 MB]
Try - written by Flora Finch and Des Lambert
Copyright © 2022 – written by Flora Finch and Des Lambert
Violin and Vocals - arranged and performed by Flora Finch
01 Try.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [7.2 MB]
How?_written by Flora Finch and Cheri D'Avino
Copyright © 2022 – Topline written by Cheri D'avino
Music, Strings and keyboard - written and performed by Flora Finch
Vocals by Cheri D'avino
Guitar Solo by Matt King Smith
All Rights Reserved
01 How_.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [4.7 MB]
Wish - written by Flora Finch, Snowy Raphael and Matt Smith
Copyright © 2022 – written by Flora Finch, Matt King Smith, Ursula and Snowy Raphael
Vocals by Ursula
String Arrangement by Flora Finch
All Rights Reserved
01 Wish.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [7.5 MB]
You Make Me Feel_written by Flora Finch, Matt King Smith, Cheri D'Avino and Will Joyce
Copyright © 2022 – written by Flora Finch, Matt King Smith, Cheri D'Avino and Will Joyce
Vocals by Cheri D'Avino and Guitar Solo by Matt King Smith
String Arrangement by Flora Finch
All Rights Reserved
01 Dani California.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [8.5 MB]
Flora's Vocal Coaching with Maurita_Before
Engineers: Jon Moon and Richard Weinreich
Vocal Coaching_Before [Flora Finch].mov
QuickTime video format [3.6 MB]
Flora's Vocal Coaching with Maurita_After
Engineers: Jon Moon and Richard Weinreich
Vocal Coaching_After [Flora Finch].mov
QuickTime video format [3.7 MB]
Nothing - composed by Flora Finch; Orchestrated by Matt How
Copyright © 2022 – composed by Flora Finch and orchestrated by Matt How
All Rights Reserved
Nothing Masterd.mp3
MP3 audio file [3.3 MB]
Committed - Melody and Lyrics by Flora Finch; Music by Shane Ivers
by Flora Finch (Topline) and Shane Ivers (Music - Mystery Unsolved)_Copyright © 2022_All Rights Reserved
Committed_by Flora Finch (Topline) and S[...]
aifc File [42.6 MB]
Be Kind - Melody and Lyrics by Flora Finch; Music by Shane Ivers
by Flora Finch (Topline) and Shane Ivers (Music - All the Tea in China)_Copyright © 2022_All Rights Reserved
Be Kind_by Flora Finch (Topline) and Sha[...]
aifc File [40.2 MB]
Don't Be Shy - Copyright © 2022 – Topline by Flora Finch; Music by Shane Ivers All Rights Reserved
Live vocals by Flora Finch
Don't be Shy_by Flora Finch and Shane Iv[...]
aifc File [29.7 MB]

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