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Coaching with Flora

I have over 10 years experience as a qualified Coach, Tutor, Assistant and Trainer. For example, I am qualified (to degree level) and specialise in the following areas:  Music Performance, Basic Management, Teaching, Counselling Studies and Coaching, Stress Management, Administration, Health and Safety and Paediatric First Aid (online).

I offer high-quality assistance as a Coach (with/via music if preferred), Tutor, Assistant Manager and Practitioner in the following areas:

-Personal Development
-Spiritual Development
-Music Performance
-Music Services: i.e. Music Performance Coaching, Vocal Production, Backing Vocals, Lyrics, Strings (violin) and assistance with Arrangements for Music Industry, Vocalists, Lyricists, Songwriters, Engineers and Producers
-Assistant Coaching in Voice (for actors, vocalists, children and choirs)
-Management (including Time Management, Stress Management and aspects of Wellbeing)
-Cognitive Behavioural
-Parents, Guardians and Carers
-Artist, Talent and Business development for Creatives, Artists, Musicians / Music Industry, Vocalists and Course Designers
-Planning for Performances (including Music Performances)
-Telephone Coaching
-1to1 Coaching
-SEN Support and Assistance (that improves learning, performance and development) for all age groups, including children.   I have attached some information via document at bottom of this page entitled, 'SEN Support_via Flora Finch'.

Now available
(via telephone and Zoom)

Created and designed by multi-award-winner, Flora Finch

Information about Flora's approach is available:
- via the FAQs page of this website
- on request (via
- via document attached below entitled, 'Coaching with Flora Finch_2022'.  Also, via the 'Biography' and 'Coaching and Music Services' pages of this website.

Recordings of Flora singing 'You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman' by Carole King and a song she co-wrote called, 'Killing The Song' is available to listen to below.  A playlist of some of Flora's song collaborations are available to listen to via Soundcloud, and on request.
I am an advocate for wellbeing, health and safety and also a Musicians Union Roving Safety Rep. My interest in this area began further to:

- being advised [by two GPs] to collate research that supports my own wellbeing
- an invitation to attend training in Health and Safety via the Musicians Union
- training in Performance, Management and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching [related to CBT] and Stress Management

Please find some research attached [at the bottom of this page - first three documents], noting that there's a Disclaimer on page 1 and list of contents on page 3 of the Wellbeing research.  Both documents confirm that

a) requesting an allergy test [via my doctor at the time] was positive for me, as it revealed that I am allergic to cats, dogs, dust and Timothy Grass [which is related to Wheat, Rye etc].
b) an annual health check that includes a blood test once a year, is a great way to keep an eye on one's wellbeing. I request one every year in January.  This is free on the National Health via one's GP - the process includes being weighed, a blood pressure reading and the blood test report received includes details of one's vitamin, mineral and trace element status. Having said that, I am not sure that this support is still available via the NHS, due to Covid.

To continue...

Before any services are agreed, a non-chargeable briefing or consultation (by phone or online) is available between myself and the client to ensure there is compatibility and clarity about the engagement.

To register for your 100% free, no obligation consultation or briefing - please contact me via or 07803 081 763.


Thanks for your time and have a great day !

Please Note:

The research shared is conducted by various gifted, qualified professionals - and compiled and checked by up to five professional friends and family who are also specialists in Wellbeing – only qualified in different areas to me [which is Stress Management, Management, Music, CBC [related to CBT] and Teaching]. Alongside those mentioned on page 6 of this website, I'd also like to say thank you to:

a) Amanda de Nobrega MSc BSc who believes that 'sauerkraut' and 'B vitamins' are great for replenishing the body with probiotics and folic acid etc... nb – Amanda has an MSc in Biological Analysis and BSc in Industrial Chemistry...

b) Juliet Haywood BA hons, MA, DNN, mBANT (Nutritional Therapist) – specialises in various areas of Wellbeing.. She sites inflammation as a cause of cancer - and that Lead, Mercury, Insomnia and Stress can cause Inflammation.

c) Jacqui Ball

d) Jean Flynn

e) Ann Marie Finch

Wellbeing Research – Colds, Flu, Chest Infections, Pneumonia, Covid_19 and Tuberculosis
Wellbeing Research - Colds, Flu, Chest I[...]
Microsoft Word document [66.7 KB]
Tinnitus Research
Microsoft Word document [27.1 KB]
Flora's Diet_2022
Flora's Diet_2022.docx
Microsoft Word document [43.9 KB]
Coaching with Flora Finch_2022
Coaching with Flora Finch_2022.docx
Microsoft Word document [19.3 KB]
SEN Support_via Flora Finch
SEN Support_via Flora Finch.docx
Microsoft Word document [29.3 KB]
Supporting Statement - Flora Finch
Supporting Statement_v3_Flora Finch_2021[...]
Microsoft Word document [22.1 KB]
Cover_'You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman'_by Carole King_Flora Finch
Cover_'You Make Me Feel Like A Natural W[...]
aifc File [48.2 MB]
Killing the Song
Killing The Song_with Rory Natkiel (aka [...]
MP3 audio file [8.3 MB]
Case Study - Music Story Rhymes
CaseStudy - Music Story Rhymes_2020.docx
Microsoft Word document [45.6 KB]
Flora's Vocal Coaching_Before
Vocal Coaching_Before [Flora Finch].mov
QuickTime video format [3.6 MB]
Flora's Vocal Coaching_After
Vocal Coaching_After [Flora Finch].mov
QuickTime video format [3.7 MB]
VIOLIN ARRANGEMENT: Buddy - written by Flora Finch Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved
Buddy - Violin arrangement by Flora Finc[...]
QuickTime video format [1.2 MB]

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