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I am now offering Coaching and various Music Services online in the following areas:

Music Services [as a collaborator and on my own]:
Vocal Production, Vocal Coaching,  Music Performance Coaching, Arranging, Songwriting, Lyrics etc. 
nb  Clips of my work with various vocalists, musicians and producers is available to listen to by email request. My email addresses are: and

Career, PR, Music, Sales, Executive, Customer Service, Management, Wellbeing, Family, Talent and Artist Development Coaching via 1to1 sessions:

- in person at Jaques Samuel Pianos [Edgware Road, London]

- via telephone - or

- online.

More information is available on request and via audio recording entitled, 'What Is Coaching?' that you can listen to via 3rd attachment on the bottom of this page. Also information about my approach as a Family Coach is available to read via attached document entitled, 'Supporting Statement' [attachment5].


I am an advocate for wellbeing, health and safety and also a Musicians Union Roving Safety Rep. My interest in this area began further to:

- being advised [by two GPs] to collate research that supports my own wellbeing
- training in Performance and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching [related to CBT] and Stress Management

Please find some research attached [at the bottom of this page - first two documents], noting that there's a Disclaimer on page 1 and list of contents on page 3 of the Wellbeing research.  Both documents confirm that

a) requesting an allergy test [via my doctor at the time] was positive for me, as it revealed that I am allergic to cats, dogs, dust and Timothy Grass [which is related to Wheat, Rye etc].
b) an annual health check that includes a blood test once a year, is a great way to keep an eye on one's wellbeing. I request one every year in January.  This is free on the National Health via one's GP - the process includes being weighed, a blood pressure reading and the blood test report received includes details of one's vitamin, mineral and trace element status.

To continue...

Before any services are agreed, a non-chargeable 15-20 minute briefing or consultation (by phone or online) takes place between myself and the Client to ensure there is clarity with the engagement.

To register for your 100% free, no obligation consultation or briefing - please contact me via OR 07803 081 763.


Thank you and have a great day !

Please Note:

The research shared is conducted by various gifted, qualified professionals - and compiled and checked by up to five professional friends who are also specialists in Wellbeing – only qualified in different areas to me [which is Stress Management, Management, Music, CBC [related to CBT] and Teaching]. Alongside those mentioned on page 6 of this website, I'd also like to say thank you to:

a) Amanda de Nobrega MSc BSc who believes that 'sauerkraut' and 'B vitamins' are great for replenishing the body with probiotics and folic acid etc... nb – Amanda has an MSc in Biological Analysis and BSc in Industrial Chemistry...

b) Juliet Haywood BA hons, MA, DNN, mBANT (Nutritional Therapist) – specialises in various areas of Wellbeing.. She sites inflammation as a cause of cancer - and that Lead, Mercury, Insomnia and Stress can cause Inflammation.

c) Jacqui Ball

d) Jean Flynn

Wellbeing Research – Colds, Flu, Chest Infections, Pneumonia, Covid_19 and Tuberculosis
Wellbeing Research - Colds, Flu, Chest I[...]
Microsoft Word document [57.5 KB]
Flora's Diet and Skincare_2020
Flora's Diet_2020.docx
Microsoft Word document [40.2 KB]
What is Coaching ?
What Is Coaching? .mp4
MP4 video/audio file [3.1 MB]
Case Study - Music Story Rhymes
CaseStudy - Music Story Rhymes_2020.docx
Microsoft Word document [45.6 KB]
Supporting Statement - Flora Finch
Supporting Statement_Flora[...]
Microsoft Word document [22.1 KB]
JINGLE: I Can - written and performed by Flora Finch Copyright © All Rights Reserved
STS - I can_Jingle by Flora Finch Copyri[...]
QuickTime video format [847.5 KB]
SONG: Halo [Extract of Cover] performed by Flora Finch
Halo [Extract and Cover] by Flora Finch.[...]
QuickTime video format [1.2 MB]
SONG: Best You Can written and performed [live] by Flora Finch Copyright © All Rights Reserved
Best You Can.mp4
MP4 video/audio file [7.1 MB]
VIOLIN ARRANGEMENT: Buddy - written by Flora Finch Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved
Buddy - Violin arrangement by Flora Finc[...]
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Welcome to the Development Sessions
Welcome to The Development Sessions.docx
Microsoft Word document [218.9 KB]
Song Sense Research Project_Flora Finch
Song Sense Research Project_Flora Finch.[...]
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