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THE LOVE FUND is a non-profit limited company (Companies House No. 5351353) with several functions. The fund:

1a) assists with raising awareness and providing assistance that contributes to improving Health, Safety, Welfare and Equality - and

1b) assists with enabling and providing subsidised training, assistance and support with Development and Management - in various areas - including stress, anger, health and safety (including First Aid), equality, mental health, elderly, behaviour, wellbeing, for persons with disabilities, coaching skills for parents, guardians, carers and families. Alongside the above the Love Fund encourages communities to learn from each other in order to enable peace, love, friendship, tolerance, improved human rights and equal opportunities to all members of the community.

2) raises awareness about individuals and organisations that are doing wonderful work in the following areas – environmental, ethical, community, health and safety, crime prevention, anger and stress management/prevention and humanitarian (including disabilities) - i.e.

a THE BAY OF BISCAY DOLPHIN RESEARCH PROGRAMME. For more information, please contact Emma Webb (emma.webb@biscay-dolphin.org.uk (e); 01206 273 126 (t));

b a Kings Langley (Hertfordshire) ‘holiday’ childcare group, who provide nature and environmental themed activities. More info is available by emailing mail@thelovefund.co.uk

3) assists with significantly reducing fatalities, injuries, accidents, crime, suicide, irresponsible behaviour, stress, anger and the cost to individuals as well as the economy of operations and rehabilitation.

The Love Fund is currently fundraising and will consider part exchanges. Medium to long term it is hoped that the Love Fund will eventually fund itself through it’s own entrepreneurial ideas, activities, collaborations and projects i.e. we have some ideas that will require financial assistance (more information available on request). If we are successful with these ventures we would like to return all funding received (minus the payment awarded to the Fundraisers and Employees) to our supporters, so that they can assist others. A breakdown of how the funding received will be used is available on request. Donations are accepted therefore... If you'd like to contribute in the first instance please contact the Love Fund by email or phone noting that:

i) cheques are payable (in Sterling please) to either 'The Love Fund' - then please send to the following address: THE LOVE FUND c/o PO Box 64603, London SW8 9AP United Kingdom - Email: mail@thelovefund.co.uk OR


Dear All - I'm presently researching and collating some responses to what members of the public believe we should do in order to achieve more trust, peace, love and respect. Please find some of the solutions suggested so far:

1) Eradicate 'Discrimination' in employment and hire a multi-racial team...

2) Eradicate 'Discrimination' in the home - meaning by NOT allow members of your family to develop racist, sexist, homophobic tendencies or hate towards each other in any shape or form...

3) Get Counselling, Coaching, Stress and Anger Management and/or a Spiritual Advisor to help 'both' you and/or your family to heal... Also if you/they find it hard to share, be fair or respect persons who are different to you/them (on the basis of race, gender, age, class, sexual persuasion, disability etc. etc. ). Other areas to avoid include: bullying others and beating children (as research suggests that many of the the youths of the street received a beating when young)... GREAT BOOKS: 'Non Violent Communication' by Marshall Rosenberg and 'Spiritual Nutrition' by Gabriel Cousens...

4) Improve your knowledge of First Aid and Health, Safety and Welfare by attending courses and training...

5) Look for ways to be a better person each day (including how to help yourself, family, friends and the overall community)...

6) Only have as many children as you can afford.

7) Improve your carbon footprint...

8) If you run a business - please pay and award 'all' members of your team with a much 'higher' percentage of your profits... so that they can in turn support their families with holidays, a better diet, tuition fees and a home.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to either add to this list or contribute to the LOVE FUND, then please contact for more information... noting that a ‘Health & Safety Support’ page is also on this website.

All best wishes, Flora (Researcher and Consultant Coach)...

CONTACT: mail@gyreentyp.com and 020 7582 2386

Thanks and best wishes!!

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