about The Love Fund

THE LOVE FUND is a non-profit limited company (Companies House No. 5351353) with several functions.

The fund will benefit various via music, creative, humanitarian, environmental and cultural arts and services. 

The fund will also:

1a) assist with and raise awareness about Health, Safety, Welfare and Equality

1b) provide subsidised training, assistance and support with development and management - including stress, anger, health and safety (including First Aid), equality, mental health, behaviour, wellbeing, for persons with disabilities, coaching skills for parents, guardians, carers and families.

Alongside the above the Love Fund will encourage communities to learn from each other in order to enable more peace, love, friendship, tolerance, improved human rights and equal opportunities to all members of the community.

2) raise awareness about individuals and organisations that are doing wonderful work in the following areas – environmental, ethical, community, health and safety, crime prevention, safeguarding, anger and stress management/prevention and humanitarian (including disabilities)

3) will benefit and support families and individuals who are vulnerable and/or victims of crime, neglect, abuse, bullying, discrimination, harassment and violence.

We are happy to consider part exchanges for funding. Medium to long term, it is hoped that the Love Fund will eventually fund itself through its own entrepreneurial ideas, activities, collaborations and projects related to the environmental, humanitarian, creative, music and cultural arts i.e. we have some ideas that will require financial assistance (more information is available on request).

If you'd like to contribute, in the first instance please contact the Love Fund by email or phone.

Many thanks for your time, and all best wishes !

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