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I received both personal and musical coaching from Flora for over two years.  Throughout this period, I found the advice Flora imparted of great help, use and value and am pleased to say the coaching has assisted me in significantly improving my income, playing as well as my mental and physical wellbeing.

Throughout the coaching, I found Flora to be highly knowledgeable, reliable, intuitive, supportive and consistently professional. I would therefore have no hesitations in recommending her services to anyone interested. [Matt Smith]

About Matt King Smith

Matt has performed around the world for the last 20 Years. As a versatile session musician he’s worked with the Universal, Tzadik, Island and Sony record labels. Previous shows include Jesus Christ Superstar and Into the Hoods with Zoo Nation. He also performed as guest soloist on Mahlers 8th symphony with the Norwich Symphony orchestra and leads the London Swing and Soul band. He’s enjoyed long term residencies playing solo jazz in the London’s West End, and also in the East End with his country band, Hillbilly Jazz. He’s performed at the Albert Hall, Glastonbury, Camden Roundhouse, Sage Gateshead, Wembley Stadium and Trafalgar Square for the St Patrick’s day celebrations. He’s also the musical ambassador to the UK for the people of Western Sahara.

Hey Flora - “Hope all is well with you.... I think the changes to the article on me are fantastic... I agree with all of them and your thinking behind them... The xmas song - great idea and it would really lend itself to his voice... I can’t thank you enough, and really you have no idea how poignant for me the timing of our paths crossing really is... Thanks again for you support... I’m taking on board everything you’re suggesting... Thanks again for everything. You don't know what it’s meant to me having you at the end of a line (telephone).”
International Artist, Songwriter and Producer.

Testimonial re. Music Story Rhymes [from Louise Rhoden [from Lambeth's Early Years Literacy Development team]


“I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your session that day and thought your technique and approach was inspiring and a joy to be a part of. I thought you provided a rich learning experience for the children through your gentle and interactive approach. You were professional yet friendly, and pleasant for the children to be with, inviting all the children to join in with your variety of activities and tasks. I realise that your approach and style is quite unique because of your appreciation of music, sound and rhythm and how you successfully apply this to the early years. I think this is such a welcome and commendable experience to be able to offer in a library. Thank you again for all your hard work you play in the library.”

"Hey Flora :)

What a magical conversation we had! Such a wonderfully wise woman you are. I really appreciate our conversation and anticipate great things for our future works..." CEO of Model Management Company.

“Hi Flora - Thanks for that. I do agree about the album order, live and learn I guess.. With regards to changes suggested etc.. we don't do many of these songs anymore in our set, we're onto the 2nd album but it's good to hear some genuine constructive criticism. I'll bear in mind for new tracks.”
Des Lambert - Producer of Lily Allen, Beverley Knight, Brand New Heavies, Zero 7, Morcheeba and London Mozart Players”.

“Hi Flora - I just wanted you to know that I’ve been cast in the musical HAIR as Dionne and I’m thrilled. Will keep you updated and also send you details of the show dates and time.Thanks you for your input - and take good care!”

“Hi Flora.. I doubt you'll remember me, about 10 months ago you helped me with my CV, when I was trying to get into the music industry. Thank you for your help. I’ve been busy ever since lol. I'd like to add you to my professional network”

“Dear Flora - Hope you are well and life continues to improve. My partner got the all clear last week from cancer, so we're really happy. Looking forward to life settling down soon. Thank you for all your time and research much appreciated. Look forward to seeing you soon and for you to use the space as you need to, we welcome your energy there. Look after yourself and much love!”

“Thank you for all your support Flora - I passed my degree, thanks to you...”

re. ‘The Success Through Song Research Project’ - “What a great idea. I am writing a Positive Psychology Book for Dummies with a colleague and we added 10 feel good songs in our resources section and have attached these for your consideration. Best wishes!” Channel 4 Stress Coach and GMTV website Coach.

“Dear Ms Finch, Thank you for your email of 14 November to the Department of Health about cancer research and osteopontin. I read your letter with interest, and have forwarded your correspondence to the relevant policy officials for their consideration. Many thanks once again for your interest in this matter.

Kind regards”

‘re. research - anger/stress management and crime’ - Many thanks. I will pass it on to news and current affairs teams. Michael Grade (ITV)

re. suggestion for programme about Health and Safety - “Flora - Thank you for sending your ideas our way. I just wanted to follow up... We'll keep in mind as our season continues and be in touch if there's further interest. Best, Sharon” (The Oprah Winfrey Show)

We are grateful to you for taking the time to get in touch and for bringing the Success Through Song Research Project to our attention. It sounds very interesting and I will make David aware of your work. Regards”

‘re. research - anger/stress management and crime’ Thank you for your email. I have asked my adviser to contact you. Best Wishes, Baroness Amos (former Leader of the House of Lords)

“I have to say a very, very big THANK YOU from my heart. How lovely of you to take the time to write all this and send it to me - you have uplifted my spirit immensely. Thank you. I will read this I'm sure I'll find it all very useful and I will practice some of your techniques and stop myself going down the road of self-destruction and self-pity. Thank you again dear one, and we will be in touch again very soon... Kindest regards, x”

“Dear Ms Finch - Thank you for your recent e-mails which have been read with interest. Best wishes, Corporate Affairs Group (The Medical Research Council)”

‘re. cv and covering letter assistance‘ - “Hi Flora - Thank you so much. You've been a great help to me. Will take your suggestions on board. All the best. Talk to you soon”

“Hi Flora - thank you so much for your caring and helpful suggestions!! I am taking it all on board and to heart, and will have a good think about it all. I thank you with all my heart!!! Love...”

‘re. cv and covering letter assistance’ - “Hello Flora, Thank you very much for looking at my CV and covering letter! I really liked what you've done/changed and I like the format as well. When I was reading it through it seemed simple and informative (getting straight to the point) which is the thing that career advisers always emphasise. Thank you again and I will tell people about your services. Regards,”

‘Hi Flora - Thank you so much for your caring and helpful suggestions!!

I am taking it all on board and to heart... I knew you would be coming up with productive and helpful suggestions!! You are such a resourceful woman!!... Thank you with all my heart!!!, Love...’

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