Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

Consulting, Training and Coaching can improve participants' efforts to achieve their goals even if they are unclear about what those goals are. Below is a list of common objectives from previous clients:

1. Initiate and complete programmes and projects (including music programmes)

2. Assistance with restructuring a business or artistic career

3 Design and develop new processes or services

4 Transition from one career or life phase into another

5 Balance home and work life for the benefit of both

6 Accept and overcome personal loss, career disappointment or abrupt change in circumstance

7 Finding a new meaning in life or in work

8 Increase morale, attendance and productivity in an individual, team or work force

9 Identify new marketing, advertising or branding strategies

10 Create respectful dialogue between talent, management and business representatives

11 Manage recovery from substance abuse, behavioural or mood disorders

12 Work through the underlying causes that cut productivity and damage team communication or relationship with self

13 Utilise the anxiety caused by deadline pressures

14 Resolve costly conflicts between talented individuals

15 Editorial and administrative support.

What is Coaching?

The principles of coaching can be applied in a variety of ways. Below are some of the elements:

-Coaching is a collaborative process between a coach and client. It guides the client to define, set and achieve their personal, career and business goals; it supports those who aspire to make progress therefore.

-Coaching can be ‘educative’ in nature meaning that the goal is to help the client develop the necessary skills to coach them self.

-1-to-1 and group sessions usually take place in a safe environment, online or on the telephone.

-Each person is treated as an individual.

n.b. Coaches are trained not to lead, judge, advise or influence their clients (except occasionally and with permission). The role of the coach is limited to one of a facilitator and supporter, through unlocking the client’s potential.

What is Holistic Coaching (with Stress Management)?

-Holistic coaching provides relevant and complementary research and data from the ‘holistic fields’ that support the exercises, techniques and tools used in traditional coaching.

-Holistic coaching treats the whole person by examining their history and concerns - for example: - career, social skills, family, health, performance, personality, thoughts and emotions.

-Holistic coaching aims to achieve ‘balance’ using gentle techniques and the sharing of research, tips and case studies that boost the client’s confidence, vitality and ability to coach self.

-Holistic Coaching is useful for those keen to see an improvement in their overall performance - meaning mental, physical and spiritual alongside their career, business and professional aims.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Coaching?

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching recognises that how we think affects how we feel, which in turn influences the decisions and actions we take. Through a systematic process of questioning, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching challenges an individual’s self defeating thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. The result of this is increased emotional intelligence and overall wellbeing in both our personal and professional lives.

Who can benefit from cognitive behavioural coaching?

CBC is of benefit to all the family - as it has the distinct advantage of being fast-track or the opposite, solution-focused and based in the present. It’s also very effective when our attitudes towards working with others is impairing performance, leading to under efficiency or counter-productivity. Other situations where CBC is effective:

Anger management issues

Unhealthy temper tantrums








Communication problems (i.e. violent communication with self and others)

Who and what would benefit from Gyreentyp’s programmes and services?

Persons seeking to improve: Performance, Management, Development, Music skills, Income and Wellbeing. Also, Charities, Non-profit organisations and Business - including Management, CEOs, HR, Directors, The Music Industry, Actors, Dance, Music Theatre, TV, Fashion, Mental Health, Music tutors and coaches, Pre-instrumental training, Education, Families, Parents, Guardians, Carers, Children, Young people, Professionals, Practitioners, Therapists and Students.

Where are sessions held?

London, United Kingdom

How long do you think it will take to complete a course or programme?

It depends on what the client wants to improve, develop or clarify. It is easier to estimate after the free 30-minutes exploratory session. All courses are tailor-made, so this is agreed upon between client and myself/us beforehand.

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