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'Gyreentyp' is pronounced'Green tip', as the training we provide includes handy tips alongside encouraging more awareness about the importance of being ethical and environment-friendly.

I'm a musician, writer, creative, tutor, trainer and coach who support personal, artist/talent development,
wellbeing, music performance (vocalists and instrumentalists), music services, early years, parents,
mental health, performance, and holistic music & management coaching.

More information is available on request and below via audio clip entitled, 'Free your Voice via Song Sense'

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I love to share, support and assist teachers, coaches, managers, business, students and clients with creativity, development, healing, management and motivation through music, songs, lyrics, verse, voice and entertainment.  The process is transformative and fun.

Motivation via Music
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There is extensive research about the benefits of singing, playing and listening to music for wellbeing - such as, listening to relaxing music via meditation.  Music is also great for mental health and motivation.


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