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Thanks ever so much for visiting my website, which I share with Gyreentyp® (pronounced ‘Green tip’) and The Love Fund.

I'm a four-times award-winning professional, who as Consultant Coach and Facilitator supports with research [inc. wellbeing research], development, management, pr, entertainment and various Music, Admin, Editorial and Creative services.

Gyreentyp® in association with The Love Fund and my wordpress blog is a hub of information that supports various [including Employers, Employees, Tenants, Landlords, Family and Friends] with Health, Safety and Welfare, improving Human Rights, Carbon Footprint, Development and Management.

Information about the Love Fund is available on:

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Meanwhile, please feel free to peruse the various pages of this website; also feel free to contact me by phone or email - noting that I am available both alone and in partnership with other professionals.

nb This site [www.gyreentyp.com] replaces http//:homepage.mac.com/florafinch (which was last updated on 7th July 2009).

All best wishes, Flora

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