Located in London, United Kingdom - I provide various services and am the owner of Gyreentyp®, a Trademark registered under number UK00002579080.

All services are designed to meet individual, group and company needs - and include some concessions. I am available both alone or with a team.  More information is below:

ABOUT - The Team

We are professionals who specialise in providing eco-friendly and ethical services that assist with improving performance via music.  For example, various training, teaching, development, management, wellbeing and coaching services.

These services provide many benefits. Including their ability to:

- open and challenge us to think differently

- enrich our lives - and

- bring different cultures together

We have years of experience working in these sectors – and believe that anyone can perform well with the proper training, assistance and guidance. Just as important as the notes, is one's attitude, honesty and communication.

Unlocking one's passion is one of the first steps to becoming a professional - and maintaining professionalism. Through comprehensive expert support and training and alongside a safe environment the stage is set for success to emerge.

As each client / student is different, so is each session and service. We take time to identify the key elements that require development and support and enable each student / client to achieve their personal best.

There will be times when your instructor/coach/tutor/trainer might recommend that you also attend lessons / sessions or receive services from another member of the team. This is so your skill set can accumulate and 'comprehensive' improvement can be made.

Typically, we suggest students book one lesson/session per week, with additional lessons if there is a pressing audition, recording or upcoming performance. For music students and artists, we also encourage the inclusion of regular live performances and the practice of recording self as an integral part of their development plan.

After teaching for several years it became apparent that my expertise as a tutor, coach, producer, assistant and researcher is best applied with a team of other professionals [i.e. tutors, coaches, practitioners, counsellors, therapists, researchers, producers, engineers, writers, arrangers and musicians]. 

It's important to:

- discuss pedagogies and train, practice, record, rehearse, produce, arrange, create, write and/or perform together. 
-  share research and support each other's clients, projects, organisations and students.

I am available both alone and with support from various other professionals who perform professionally. 

re. Flora Finch

I am a graduate of The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama [RSAMD] and Glasgow University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Performance and Certificate in Orchestral Studies. I studied voice to grade 7, piano to grade 3, theory to grade 8, violin to grade 8 [Distinction], jazz, classical and for two qualifications in Music and Vocal Production. Before College, I was a member of the Birmingham Philharmonic Orchestra and the Coventry Youth Choir and Coventry Youth Orchestra, that I led for one year.

At the RSAMD, I won the Dunbar Gerber Prize [as part of a duet] and The Chamber Music Prize with my String Quartet. Later, I also won a prize for the support provided to various heads of department at Channel 4, and another award as an Activities Co-ordinator at a home for older persons.

From as young as age 16 in my home town [Coventry, UK], I assisted with coaching live bands that my sisters sang in.  Also years later, I supported DJs, Producers, Engineers and Musicians whilst studying in the USA with Anne Crowden [Berkeley University professor], facilitating workshops at WAC [Weekend Arts College, Hampstead Town Hall, London], and as Coach, Co-Producer, Facilitator, Assistant and Vocal Coach and Assistant for music studios and live performance evenings via Picturehouse.

I also worked:

-as a freelance professional musician for 10 years...
-as PA to the Head of Tax and Accounting and a member of the Business Group of FTSE100 listed British Land Company and was part of the team that  dealt with nearly £5 billion of finance restructurings including the award winning debenture deal in 2006.
-began Coaching and supporting CEOs, Heads of Department, Choreographers and Producers at Sadlers Wells and Channel 4.

I took two years away from working full time to study for a PTLLs Teaching Award; also to attain various qualifications including Business Administration, Management, Stress Management and Coaching (Performance Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Coaching)... I studied Coaching and Stress Management with Gladeana McMahon (Channel 4 and GMTV Stress Coach) and Professor Stephen Palmer respectively - who are considered to be among the top ten coaches in the UK.

More information is available to read via the 'Testimonials', 'Biography', 'Achievements & Thanks' and 'What's New?' pages of this website - including some attachments and recordings located on the bottom of pages 2 and 3 of this website. 

 CONTACT Flora via:

 07803 081 763 [m]; mail@gyreentyp.com [e]; www.gyreentyp.com [w]

 Twitter: @Gyreentyp 

There is much to say - written by Flora Finch and Matt King Smith
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Been here on my Mind - written by Flora Finch and Matt King Smith
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Feel the Same - written by Matt King Smith and Flora Finch
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