Information Sheet

(re. 1to1, group, video, phone and email sessions)

Thank you for contacting and for your potential interest.

Background Information

I am a four-times award winning, DBS approved and insured professional - with qualifications in various areas including: Coaching, Stress Management, Business Administration, Financial Record Keeping, Health and Safety, First Aid, Video and Studio Production, Management and Music Performance.

I specialise and support clients and students with improving : Performance, Management, Development, PR, Music, Health & Safety, Income and Wellbeing. More information is available on this website

Codes of Ethics

As a member of various associations - including the Musicians Union and The Ivors Academy, I abide by their code of ethics and good practice. This includes delivering and conducting services in an effective and professional way – alongside being sensitive to issues such as culture, religion, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation and age.


The trust between me and the Client is crucial to the success of the sessions. Therefore I, Flora Finch agree to treat all information discussed during personal or group sessions as confidential and will not disclose any details to a third party without agreement from the Client. Similarly, it is really important that the Client is honest at all times in order to benefit from the sessions.


Fees are agreed prior to commencement of the first coaching session. Information is available upon request. Fees for individual sessions is either payable upfront or at the end of each session - and for online, telephone and email lessons and sessions payable in advance. Organisations and projects are invoiced on a monthly basis at the beginning of a contract period, and payable before the sessions or lessons begin.

Discretionary bonuses to colleagues, assistants and/or myself are both appreciated, welcome and accepted (and not mandatory therefore). Please also note that on occasion I’m happy to award or negotiate an exchange, part-exchange, bonus, commission, finder’s fee and/or concession to those who forward Clients and Students to me.

Fees are subject to quarterly reviews. If you wish to cancel an appointment please give a full 24 hours notice otherwise I’m afraid that you will be liable for the full cost of the missed session. Having said this, please note that we aim to be fair – meaning that we disclaim liability for late/non-attendance by members of our team for reasons beyond our control – so within reason allow clients and students the same.


Before any services are agreed, a 30 minutes non-chargeable briefing or consultation (by phone or online) takes place between myself and the Client to ensure there is clarity with the engagement.  For more information, please read the ‘Services Available’ and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ pages on this website -

Prospective clients and students are then offered an initial ‘exploratory meeting’. This provides us both with an opportunity to consider whether we wish to work together - because it is just as important that you feel comfortable with me, as it is that I feel able to assist you.

We will agree the appropriate length and frequency of sessions depending on individual requirements. If you are late arriving we will still terminate at the agreed time so as not to delay the next person. I'm available to see clients during the day as well as evenings and occasionally appointments can be arranged for the weekend.

What to Expect (Services Available)

I will forward the relevant information to you – which will include a copy of the terms and conditions and Guest Guidelines [for group sessions].

If a Coach, Consultant or Trainer is required (and you don’t already have one) then do request to receive a copy of the Life Audit if you think it might be useful. The Life Audit helps clarify the areas of life, career etc. you are both happy and unhappy with and why. Some clients find that it helps speed up the process at sessions.


London, United Kingdom.

There are times when I am unavailable for various reasons. To allow messages to get through I have a confidential voicemail service that I encourage clients and students to use. If I need to make contact with you I will simply leave my name and telephone number should you be unavailable.

For more information on how I can help, please call 07803 081 763.

For press or speaking enquiries please contact Flora Finch at or try 07803 081 763.

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