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ALPHABET BAR - 61-63 Beak Street, London W1F 9SL

I am really grateful to the Alphabet Bar, who gave us permission to run a trial run of the group version of the Development Sessions [TDS] on Tuesday, 24th July 2012. I also really recommend this bar. The vibe is wonderful and staff friendly, supportive and positive.

ALTARBOY MUSIC - Legal Consultants and Advisors

BIODEGRADABLE CDS and DVDS (two articles)


JAPAN: Sanyo uses corn to make biodegradable CDs.

Versatile as it is, corn has now found a new use - as material to make biodegradable DVDs and CDs.

Japan-based optical disc maker Sanyo Mavic Media Co, Ltd, a subsidiary of electronics giant Sanyo says its environment-friendly disc can be thrown away and, when buried, will decompose like any plant-based substance. If burnt, no dioxins are produced, the company claims.

Nutritionally speaking, however, they would make for a very tough going meal. One head of corn will yield about 10 discs that are just as hard and plastic as conventional disks, said the company.

SOURCE: Michael Fitzpatrick -


Sanyo has the recipe for biodegradable corn.

Sanyo has developed a biodegradable CD made from corn, in an attempt to reduce the number of undigestible polycarbonate discs currently being buried in landfill sites.

Together with Mitsui Chemicals, Sanyo has a process that converts corn into unrefined dextrose which is then fermented to produce lactic acid. This is then converted into a polymer to form the basis for the disc.

Despite being completely biodegradable once buried, the disc remains stable in a 'natural environment', as long as it is kept at a temperature between -20° and +50°. Its 'organic' nature also means that it burns at lower temperatures than traditional discs, which, says Sanyo, reduces emissions if incinerated.

Sanyo says that even if all CDs were made from corn, they would only use around 0.1 per cent of the total worldwide production.

SOURCE: Simon Aughton -

BYOB – BRING YOUR OWN BAG to the grocery store

Paper or plastic? Neither is ideal…

‘Each year over 500 billion bags are used worldwide, and because most bags never fully biodegrade, the environment is loaded with tiny pieces… Even small particles can create major problems… ...One small step that leads to big change’ [QUOTE: from Ed Norton)

Please do your bit therefore!


Interesting article -


Refill your Inkjet/Laser/Fax and copier cartridges and save up to 60%. Visit Cartridge World at 334 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, London SE11 5HY - Tel: 020 7582 8605; Fax: 0202 7820 1394; Email:


For all you chocoholics - check out the youtube video - and organic raw chocolate truffles sold at Vitaorganic (74 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TE - tel: 0207 7348986)... Low fat, no sugar, high antioxidant chocolate available AT LAST!! - to eat in or take away (please request non plastic packaging - or request to take in your own containers!).


Several companies and artists already doing this...

GREEN MUSIC ALLIANCE - Do check out their website when you have time - noting that their 5 Green Goals are: 1) To raise awareness 2) Highlight green resources 3) Identify ‘greener’ music business alternatives 4) Reduce your carbon footprint 5) Grow a green-aware online music community


HOW TO SPOT A GOOD POT - Interesting article about of steel, aluminium and stainless steel pots and pans.


Visit the 'Joining Hands In Health' website to find out why Dounne Alexander MBE is concerned about Health Choice and Rights of UK Citizens. There is recent television interview 'ON THE EDGE' with Dounne and Dr. Robert Verkerk (Science Director of the Alliance for Natural Health); plus 'We Become Silent - the Last Days of Health Freedom' - narrated by Dame Judi Dench.

LAST MINUTE MUSICIANS (UK Directory and Entertainment Agency)

LONDON RECYCLING - CD recycling is a new service from London Recycling which allows you to dispose of CDs in an environmentally responsible way. Suitable for all types of CDs and their plastic cases, including music CDs, writeable CDs and CD ROMs which can be recycled extracting the polycarbonate and aluminium content for use in the manufacture of new components using hard plastics and metals. We supply our customers with purpose-designed boxes made from recycled cardboard for the on-site collection of CDs prior to collection by London Recycling. This can be to a fixed schedule or on an ad-hoc basis. Feel free to post cds to their address - which is: 4d North Crescent, Cody Road, London E16 425 - Their telephone number is 020 7511 8000 and Email:



Interesting article -

PAPER BAGS and an argument in favour of OXO-BIODEGRADABLE PLASTICS

The process of making paper bags causes 70% more atmospheric pollution than plastic bags. Paper bags use 300% more energy to produce, and the process uses huge amounts of water and creates very unpleasant organic waste. When they degrade they emit methane and carbon dioxide. A stack of 1000 new plastic carrier bags would be around 2 inches high, but a stack

of 1000 new paper grocery bags could be around 2 feet high. It would take at least seven times the number of trucks to deliver the same number of bags, creating

seven times more transport pollution and road congestion.

Also, because paper bags are not as strong as plastic, people may use two or three bags inside each other. Paper bags cannot normally be re-used, and will

disintegrate if wet. Symphony Environmental Ltd - concentrates on environmental plastics in general and totally degradable plastics in particular (the Company Registration number is: 3286343). Their website address is: - To add there's an interesting briefing note on the 'Legislation' page which is downloadable.


How, what and where to recycle in the UK

Reuze have lots of great information regarding the recycling of cds in the UK. Do check them out -


For more information, please contact Emma Webb ( (e); 01206 273 126 (t));


One shop in north London has already placed itself on the front line of the plastic bag revolution. As well as banishing non-biodegradable carriers from behind the till, it has taken away almost all of its packaging, leaving shoppers to bring in their own jars, pots and bags to be filled with their day's groceries.

ADDRESS:42 Amwell Street, London EC1R 1XT ; Tel: 020 7713 8368 ; Open: Mon-Fri - 10am-7pm, Sat: 9am - 6pm, Sun: 10am-4pm, Closed Bank Holidays. Email:


Lists restaurants that serve vegan and vegetarian food. Also, music venues.


Paper recycling information sheet.

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